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Protein Crystallography Studies

The three-dimensional structure of a protein is predominantly determined by X-ray crystallography. This structural information is key to understanding its biological function, and plays a critical role in drug design and discovery, However, the growth of suitable protein crystals remains a major bottleneck in biophysics; each protein has its own specific set of crystallisation conditions and hundreds of trial experiments must be performed on any target protein. The high-resolution phase and contrast data of the interference fringes generated by the DPI technology in AnaLight® instruments provides important insights into the crystallisation process, allowing the distinction between protein crystallisation and other macromolecular physical processes such as aggregation and precipitation. AnaLight® can detect crystallisation at its very onset, the nucleation phase, 10-100 times faster than polarised microscopy. This early detection enables monitoring of the crystallisation process and hence the development and optimisation of crystallisation conditions in real time.

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